How does it works

CREATE YOUR PROFILE - Through our platform, you can create your own profile in which you can specify, in addition to your personal information, the house you want to make available to new friends can be the space where you live, or a second home, or holiday home, or even a house or a room that rents, or maybe you want to sell. You can also enter in the profile you are looking for accommodation in a particular city or country without calling available one. In this way, the members, for example, can find a hospitable person right where they plan to spend a holiday, or maybe an accommodation for a longer period of time, the second exchange vacation homes, or offering or seeking a friendly accommodation for rent.

ADD PICTURES - Add photograph of yourself, and in the special section, some pictures that best describes your accommodation. And remember: you can join the community even without accommodation to offer, as a traveler looking for! PHOTO GUIDE

RESEARCH AND JOIN IN TOUCH - Once you have created your own profile, each user by using the "search" you can search the person and the ideal accommodation, or proprorre their own accommodation ... please leave a message by starting and knowledge! Message after message, you will understand if the person with whom you are in contact has the right solution for you. Learn acquainted with e-mail, or by telephone .... And when you've found what you were looking for

DO YOUR TRIP – You are ready. Pack your bags or get ready to receive. For a short trip, a long friendship or for a lifetime!