First, you have to register (you will receive an email with a link to activate your profile). Now, you're ready! You can log-in, then click on the RESERVED AREA button. Through our platform, you can create your own profile in which you can specify, in addition to your personal information "PERSONAL PROFILE", the house you want to make available to new friends: can be the space where you live, or a second home, or holiday home, or even a house or a room that rents, or maybe you want to sell (section: "YOUR HOME").

But, you can also subscribe without property if you're looking for hospitality or rent (choose the option "No propetry"You have to fill every information (but you can choose "no comment" on most personal infos).

You can also enter in the personal profile you are looking for accommodation in a particular city or country, even without having available one: fill the "Favorite Destinations", also in order to get messages from other users who have home where you look for it. For example, in this way the members can find a hospitable person right where they plan to spend a holiday, or maybe an accommodation for a longer period of time, the second exchange vacation homes, or offering or seeking a friendly accommodation for rent.

And if you've changed your mind, you can always unsubscribe via the appropriate button under " Quick Links " at the bottom ... but why then unsubscribe, you're just entering the prettiest place on the web!'re ready for your profile: create one!