guidelines to image usage

ADD PICTURES - Add photograph of yourself, and in the special section, some pictures that best describes your accommodation. Personal photos published may not contain nudity . The photographs are attached to the message by free content .Visitors can only see one picture, only those who register are able to see them all and well. And remember: you can join the community even without accommodation to offer, as a traveler looking for! 

GUIDE TO UPLOAD IN 5 EASY STEPS - First, go to your "Private area", in your "Personal Profile" or "Your home" area : 1) Go on ADD PHOTO : it opens a new window: your Fotobook - 2) go to ULOAD YOUR IMAGES and 3) choose a photo from your computer or mobile to load it into your fotobook - then 4) select to load into your profile . And remember, 5) you save the profile before exiting.